Our tool: Klaviyo

Two email marketing specialists with a strong background in strategy and more than 40 years of combined experience as copywriters and marketers.

Get into the flow with us, choose us as a freelance duo and you’ll never have to decide on a split again or be annoyed „at least once“ that your CLV is „poor“ again. We’ll increase your AOV with heart, expertise and Klaviyo AI, and we will turn your customers into your fans. Every solo marketer will pack their bags and you’ll watch ChatGTP sitting alone in the corner crying.

We are familiar with Klaviyo benchmarks and integrations, as well as strategically set up welcome flows, sunset flows or post purchase flows. Thanks to our many years of experience in TV, radio, daily newspapers and other editorial offices, we also know storytelling inside out.

As a team, we are a unit. And as such, we’ll exceed your expectations.

Namely all of them. Not having an email strategy equals committing bodily harm against your customers.

Meta and Google Ads/PPC

Ads create leads. Don't let 'em waste.

Social media marketing

What do you want your followers to do on Insta? Bring 'em home!


Become the personal salesperson in your customers' mailboxes.

Specialists like us complement your offer, extend your range, complete your marketing activities, and ensure more sales.

Email marketing

The operational implementation. This is where the action happens. This is where you make sales.


We take a look at where you stand, regardless of whether you are already sending emails or not.


Nope, no low level copywriting, but skillful text crafting. With tonality and style.